the Kelpies double take

the Kelpies double take

Two Kelpies have just become  four ! The 2 original Kelpies have now been joined by 2 new friends, the maquettes that have travelled the world to share the unique story of the Kelpies .

Nowadays they are the jewel in the crown of the Helix Park with over 2 million visitors in five years .

    The Kelpies are a tribute to the Clydesdale horses that used to pull barges along the canals in Scotland in the 19th century.

Each one is a hundred feet high and constructed from 300 tonnes of steel .  

A metal framework provided the basis for each horse and hundreds of plates , each one a unique design , were then welded onto the structure .

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The Kelpies are renamed “glorious armoured giant horses”

The Kelpies have become the most famous equine sculptures in the world . But now they have been given another name to make them more attractive to Chinese tourists.

VisitBritain, which markets the UK abroad, has dubbed them ‘Kai Po Ju Ma’ in promotional literature in China – which translates as “glorious armoured giant horses”.

It follows the results of a £1.6 million ‘Great Names for Great Britain’ campaign, which builds on the existing trend of giving relatable Mandarin names to favourite celebrities, places and foods.

 “Kai Po Ju Ma” have set records with over 600,000 in their first year of opening . A new visitor centre is being built to help cope with the influx of visitors and improve their experience at the sculptures.

New Mandarin names for 23 iconic Scottish attractions have been announced in total, including Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and Glencoe.

The campaign reached nearly 300 million Chinese prospective visitors to the UK through VisitBritain’s influential Weibo and WeChat social media platforms across China. Over two million people visited the campaign pages and nearly 30 million Chinese people watched the launch video, with 13,000 new names suggested throughout the ten week-long voting period.

Andy Scott, the artist responsible for the Kelpies, said: “I’m delighted that The Kelpies have reached out to a new audience and that they have been recognised with such an evocative and dynamic Mandarin name.

“It’s a real accolade for me as the artist and the whole team involved in The Kelpies that they have been adopted for the VisitBritain campaign and been so well received in China. Download our free Kelpies screensaver